Jewellery Appraisal


Jewellery Appraisal in Edmonton, AB

The importance of getting a professional jewellery appraisal in Edmonton, AB, is that it will result in having the correct amount of insurance for cherished jewels and family heirlooms, especially if your unique jewellery is rare or irreplaceable. At Forest of Jewels, we offer customized appraisals of your collections and individual items.

A jewellery appraisal should be done every two to three years for insurance purposes. An appraised value that was established a decade ago may only pay out a fraction of what a jewellery item is worth in today’s dollars. Luxury watches and custom jewellery should also be appraised often.


Watch Appraisal

Do you know the current value of your watch? Some brands are inherently worth more than others and can increase in value with age, depending on the condition of the watch. True value also depends on factors like the inclusion of a chronograph or perpetual calendar. Special editions and vintage models are also likely to be worth more than you might expect. Let Forest of Jewels appraise your watch professionally for your peace of mind.


Gemstone Appraisal

Gemstones can also be valued at the time of an appraisal. This is an excellent idea because an appraisal will uncover chips, loose stones, or other damage that can be repaired before a stone is lost due to an ill-fitting setting or breakage.

Gemstone appraisal is essential to protect you, the owner. A major problem facing the cut gemstone market is substitutions of natural gems for synthetics, so consumers should be aware of the actual worth of the gemstones they own. You can rest assured that Forest of Jewels offers precise gemstone appraisals with current market values represented.



Some homeowner insurance policies do not cover jewellery if it has not been independently appraised and documented with records kept safely and securely to protect them from fire. Once your jewellery appraisal is complete, you may qualify for reduced jewellery insurance premiums. You may also want to consider taking special precautions that include adding extra security measures to safeguard your jewellery collection.

All gems and jewellery should be properly cared for, but some precious gems like pearls or opals have unique storage and care requirements that must be addressed. Make sure you know how to best store and care for your jewellery and keep it safe. Your knowledge and care may reflect favorably in your insurance rates.

Contact us today to learn more about the importance of having your jewellery properly appraised. We proudly serve Edmonton and the area.