Jewellery Repair


Jewellery Repair in Edmonton, AB, That Restores Your Pieces Like New

No one wants to waste money by throwing out watches, necklaces, and other such things that could be salvaged. Before you give up on your favorite piece, bring them to Forest of Jewels. We have a team of highly qualified on-site expert goldsmiths and gemologists that perform jewellery repair in Edmonton, AB. They’re knowledgeable in gold, silver, and platinum with meticulous attention to detail. In no time at all, your heirloom, jewel, or watch will once again be ready for use and look better than ever.

One of our most common and affordable services in this department is watch battery replacement. Forest of Jewels is prepared to perform simple and complex repairs on watches, as well as maintenance and replacing batteries. While we service many brands, we can also send it to a manufacturer’s service department if it needs special services or parts we don’t have. Your watch will be telling accurate time again soon.


The Ideal Jewellery Store for Repair Work

Our local business has been family-owned-and-operated since 1977, passing down comprehensive mastery of all things jewellery. For the past 42+ years, we’ve performed every repair you can think of on every type of jewellry. In addition to watch repair, these services have involved soldering chains, resizing rings, and even re-designing pieces that are out of date. The goal is always to help you keep enjoying them for as long as possible. We make it easy to maintain your jewellery so you can wear it with pride.

Resizing is an especially valuable service because it means family members can keep wearing heirlooms, engagement rings, and wedding rings. Our jewellery repair team can make gold and diamond rings larger, wider, smaller, or thinner by up to 2 sizes. That ring you outgrew doesn’t have to go back in the box. With our help, it can stay on your finger for many more years.


Helping You Save Money and Preserve Your Treasures

We know how important watches and jewellery can be to the people who wear them, especially if they originally belonged to a loved one who has passed on. Watch repair and related services allow you to hang on to that part of them without being stuck holding a nonfunctioning piece. You’ll be amazed at how much money, time, and even heartache our work can save you.

Contact us with any questions. We serve customers from Edmonton, Alberta, and the neighboring areas.